Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That Time is Past - Those Romantic Young Boys

We're in the process of negotiating for a novel called That Time is Past, by Glenn Haybittle - a comedy about a group of young men hanging out in Italy and fancying themselves the incarnations of Shelley, Byron et al. Glenn says its a novel about men and their deadly romantic projections on the female image. Lady Lydia thinks "Young men seem to be at rather a loss nowadays," and the book is somehow about that. I think it's about love in an age of ennui. Whatever it's about, it's sharp, funny, and devastatingly astute.
Glenn is still revising, and over the next few months we'll be dishing up bits of the process for your consideration. When you form an opinion about what it's about, let us know.

"Are you one of the yacht people?" the man asked in a grave accusatory voice....
"Yacht people? Who are the yacht people?" said Jake, fingering the coral beads on his neck.
"You don't know Isabella?"
"I've only just arrived here."
"You're not a suspect then?" ...
"A suspect?" asked Jake.
"The police think there may be a murderer on the loose."
"I've got no blood on my hands. I've just been sitting here reading about the death of Shelley..."

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  1. from the small snippet looks highly readable and interesting