Friday, August 6, 2010

Received - Reticent Bodies by Moez Surani

Reticent Bodies by Moez Surani - Wolsak and Wynn Publishers

"Here's a debut that roams wildly and richly in its tones and topics, from... erotica... to poems with punchlines and lyrics of quiet elation." Steven Heighton

"Reticent Bodies is a bountiful volume. Exquisite in language, and outrageously excellent in style, these lyrics echo the vivid pictorialism of Michael Ondaatje and the painstaking truth-telling of Nazim Hikmet. Surani's lines are as incisive as scripture and as persuasive as song." - George Elliot Clarke

"Moez Surani's Reticent Bodies may be what the future of poetry in Canada will look like. His poetry rings with the linguistic rhythms of the Urdi, Swahili, Gujarti and Kutchi that he was exposed to around the kitchen table of his childhood, and his vibrant, of colour-saturated imagery captures startling fragments of Canada."

Moez Surani's writing has been included in numerous anthologies and literary journals including Carousel, Prairie Fire, Vallum, and Arc Poetry Magazine. He has served as writer-in-residence for the Toronto Catholic District School Board and curator for the Strong Words Reading Series in Toronto. HE was the recipient of a 2008 Chalmers Arts Fellowship which supported a trip through India and East Africa.

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